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Split Systems

This is where an indoor unit (mounted on a wall, ceiling or floor) is connected to an outdoor unit (condenser) by a route of insulated copper pipes. The indoor unit circulates the air and cools or warms it to suit your requirements. The warm air is removed and released into the atmosphere via the outdoor unit.

Units are easy to install, easy to use, ultra reliable, quiet running and come in an elegant and up to date range of wall, floor and ceiling mounted indoor models.

Also, the incorporation of inverter control cuts start up time and energy consumption by almost a third, alters unit output to suit outdoor conditions, improves performance relative to power input, ensures a more even room temperature and eliminates power surges and stop/start cycles.

Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial Air Conditioning from Mastercool (Southern) Limited

Commercial Air Conditioning

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A cool working environment is not only pleasant for your workforce; it also affects the level of productivity. Having an office at a pleasant temperature will directly affect how much work your staff will produce. This applies for both winter, when the office may be too cold, and summer when the office may be too warm.

A simple solution to this problem would be to install an Air Conditioning system with a heat pump. This means that you will be able to cool or warm your offices with just one controller. This kind of system is also the most cost effective way of heating and will cut the cost of your conventional heating bill. There are a variety of Air Conditioning solutions which our engineer will discuss with you on the site survey. These are broken down into:

Multi Split Systems

These work in much the same way as the split systems, however they allow up to four indoor units to run off one outdoor unit. This is a great system to save space outside.

The indoor units may be of different types (e.g. 4-way blow ceiling mounted cassette, wall mounted, floor or either way ducted systems) and even different capacities (e.g. 35 and 71 class).

All indoor units are operated together within the same mode (cooling or heating) from one remote control. This allows equal air distribution, even in larger, irregularly shaped rooms.

The total capacities (outdoor base) for simultaneous operation are the same as for the pair applications.

VRV/VRF Systems

Rising energy and general building services running costs have led end users to expect far more than just cooling and heating from their air conditioning.

A truly complete and acceptable system therefore, must be energy efficient, economic to run, easy to install, flexible, reliable and user friendly.

Fresh air must also be supplied without increasing energy consumption and central management and control facilities have gained in importance, particularly for medium to large sized buildings.

VRV air conditioning can be found in offices, restaurants, theatres, hospitals, universities, museums, shops - in short, in any location where the provision of a balanced, pleasant working environment can improve the lifestyle and comfort of the individual.

 These are the most modern and sophisticated development of the split systems. They allow up to 16 indoor units to be run off one, large outdoor unit. They will also allow each indoor unit to be controlled individually rather than having to have them all set at the same temperature.

The engineers will advise you on which system would be best for your circumstances and why this is the case. Our aim is to make the process as easy and worry free as possible for you. Should you decide to accept our quote, our friendly team of engineers will keep you informed throughout the installation and give you a detailed demonstration on how to use your newly installed Air Conditioning system.

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